Here at STRATIS, we feel we have a responsibility to manage our impact on the environment. This philosophy is important, not only to us, but to our customers as well. We would like to share with you our efforts toward responsible environmental stewardship.


In 2005 STRATIS Visuals initiated a program to significantly reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainability in our operations. We identified several areas where we felt we could make an impact.

The largest and most easily quantifiable item was to minimize the volume of waste the company generated. A thorough assessment revealed the various components of our waste stream allowing us to formulate a plan to reduce it to a bare minimum within two years.

Please read our recycling document for more information on our program.


We have initiated several programs aimed at reducing our energy consumption in order to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our operating costs at the same time. We upgraded to new energy efficient lighting in our new facility, replaced various air compressors throughout the plant with a single energy efficient model capable of supplying all of our equipment and converted to all electric forklifts in our warehouse eliminating all emissions.


For responsible members of the eco-community. STRATIS is committed to providing our customers with every available solution for their printing needs. FSC products demonstrate your awareness of how your printing materials are manufactured as well as showing that you are a responsible member of the eco-community. Please read our FAQ for more information on FSC certified products.